What's the Most Effective Oil of Oregano Dosage?

What's the Most Effective Oil of Oregano Dosage?
Recommended Adult Oil of Oregano Dosage by Mouth:
* 4 - 6 drops (about 50 mg. of 100% pure Oil of Oregano, diluted with a carrier oil such as olive oil. A safe blend is 1 part oregano oil to 3 parts olive oil).

Some stronger mixtures may cause an upset stomach, so start slowly and gauge your response. You should read the label to see what the ratio of oil is. Most reputable companies will list the ratio on the ingredient label, or it might be posted on their website.

If your Oil of Oregano is already mixed with a carrier oil, you won't need to dilute it further unless you want to use a more diluted formula.
* Suggested frequency is 3 - 6 time per day, depending on the severity of the infection. I've taken it up to 10 times a day to help fight off a nasty case of bronchitis.
* For preventative use, some suggest taking 1 - 4 drops per day, held under the tongue for a few minutes, followed by a glass of water.

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