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Oil of Oregano
is an extract from the Oregano plant, also known as Origanum Vulgare. This plant is also a member of the mint family Labiatae. Many people are familiar with this plant and they don't even know it. Everyone probably has consumed it at some point in their life. The reason for this is that Oregano is known for being a popular spice used in particularly Greek and Italian foods. It is used a lot in pizzas, salads and other kinds of pastas. Its origin is said to be the Mediterranean, however today it is used widely accross the world be it for its spice use or the health benefits that oil of oregano provides.

Oregano is high on antioxidant activity which is probably the origin of the many health benefits of oregano oil. Oregano Oils thymol and carvacrol are believed to be the main sources of its benefits. The most widely known and spread benefit of oregano oil is its ability to cure mild stomach problems. It is also well known for its cough-clearing qualities. However, Oregano has many other benefits, among these: exterminating fungus, digestive problems, migrane headaches, athletes foot, sore throat, breathing problems, drandruff (and other skin problems).

Oil of Oregano has solved our problems for hundreds of years and it will continue to do so forever. So now that you know more about this wonderful, easy to get and cheap natural antibiotic, always remember that it is available to you for your comfort and health!
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